Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Finish!!!!

I had resigned myself to the plain fact that I was not going to finish my sweater before the Olympics concluded.  I spoke with my mother on the phone yesterday and was lamenting that very thing.  This is my weekend to work and I had run out of time.  But then...yesterday at around 1630 I was in the shower and the phone rang!  The staffing office called to ask if I wanted to be on call the first 4 hours of my shift and if we were still over at 2300, would I want to be on call after that?  My answer of course was, "Boy do I!?"  I then proceeded to knit the rest of this sweater!!!  Oh me of little faith!  Now all it needs is some blocking and shaping and for the buttons to be sewn on.  I was reading on other blogs about people entering the WIP category where instead of starting and completing an entire large and challenging item, you set a goal to finish off a certain number of WIPs.  Maybe I'll do that one next time.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go crash into bed! 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Olympic Swatching

 I am gearing up for the Knitting Olympics and did a little swatching yesterday.  I plan to knit Ditto out of some dark gray Patons Classic Wool that I already had in the stash.  I will use a size 5 and 7 needle to achieve the proper gauge.  I thought the Olympics started today on the 6th and put some serious thought into cheating a little.  I work tonight and my entire family is coming tomorrow for our family Christmas (FINALLY!) so I will be a little busy the next few days.  Since the Olympics are in Russia, I thought surely they are already competing because of the time difference.  Sadly I just confirmed that the opening ceremonies will not be broadcast until tomorrow night and you can't start until then.  Shoot.
Here is a picture I took on my cell phone in the grocery store yesterday!  I know I am easily amused but I just love it when they build things out of pop for the seasonal displays!  I will have to dig to find it but I have a much classier picture of the Olympic rings mounted on London Bridge from our trip two years ago.  Enjoy the games!