Sunday, December 13, 2015

Roosevelt Cardigan

So I finished my sweater challenge...on December 4th.  I totally could have finished it on time if I hadn't signed up for the hospital craft show.  I'd always been interested in it but never knew about it in time to have any inventory ready.  I took the entire contents of my Etsy shop and devoted a few precious November knitting days making bath bombs and knitting stocking caps and dish cloths.  I even delayed putting up my Christmas tree until today to try and make all my deadlines!
I finished the sweater but made an executive decision I now regret:  I didn't pick up all the stitches called for in the pattern around the neck and button band because I thought it would be too crowded and now wish I had.  If I hadn't been so pressed for time, I probably wouldn't have done that.  I always tell people to never bake bread in a hurry and I guess the same goes for knitting sweaters!  I love it for wearing around the house but I guess I won't be entering this one in the fair any time soon.
I hadn't sewn the buttons on yet for the picture because again I was in a hurry and we were losing the 1530 in the afternoon.  Soon the days will start getting longer again.
I tried posing with Lopi for some pictures but she wasn't too cooperative.  She is always so cute though!
Here are my buttons!  I bought these in Iceland from Pall and Rita.  They're cut and polished from antlers and I got 5 others made from bone.  I've kicked myself ever since I bought them because I should have gotten more than 5 each.  This sweater was perfect because it needs only 5 to close the lower 2/3.  Hopefully some day soon I'll make the trip back.