Friday, September 14, 2012

 Here are a few pictures I took recently.

We went on our hike near our home and the milkweed pods are beginning to burst and dry and the last of the years flowers are fading.  I finally remembered to bring my camera and snapped a picture of these blooming thistles.  I just love these flowers.  We've seen quite a few deer but I'm not quick enough to get a picture of them.
Dave's family threw a bridal shower for me this last weekend.  We played games, had a wonderful luncheon and I received many beautiful gifts.  One of my favorite things was also the simplest!  Dave's sister has chickens and she gave us a dozen beautiful brown and white eggs.  We had eggs benedict for supper that night.

Little Tokens

I read somewhere that 100 years ago, Norwegian brides would knit a pair of mittens for each guest at her wedding.  Well I haven't got time for that!  So instead, here are two pairs of wrist warmers for two very special ladies.  Freya is my mother's best friend and has graciously agreed to play the piano at our wedding and reception.  Steph is my cousin and generously took on the task of photography on our day.  These were knit from the suri alpaca yarn I got at the fair this year.  The weather has cooled down a little and will soon be ideal for these.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Wedding Details

 We are at less than 2 weeks and counting!  I can't believe it!
I've been finishing up little things here and there and making phone calls and this and that.  I "made" our guest book last week.  This is a plain Michael's guest book that was $3.99 on clearance which is exactly what I wanted!  I used stitch witchery to secure some Czech ribbon around the front cover.  I also dug out my stereoscope card of a Hardanger wedding.  I will display this on a little stand near the guest book.  I am also borrowing my Grandma Helen's bride's knife.  We are serving cupcakes for our reception but I baked a 6 inch red velvet cake for us to cut in our picture.

I wrapped a cardboard box in rosemaled wrapping paper that my mother got for me at Vanberia's in Decorah.  This will be for the cards we receive.

And of course you have to have a garter to wear and be removed at the reception and one to throw so I've been fussing and working on these. 

My sister asked me to make some binky bling for my little niece.  I was very pleased with the way this turned out and it was all stuff I already had in my findings box.  I used dental floss to string it so she couldn't pull it apart and put it in her mouth.

For the most part I think I have things under control and this wedding is going to happen.  I am doing some test baking this weekend for favors and the kransekake.  But otherwise, I think things are squared away.  Wish us luck!

State Fair 2012

Summer has finally culminated in the Great Minnesota Get Together which is the Minnesota State Fair.  Dave and I went twice this year and had a great time.  There is never enough time to do everything you want to do in a single day.

Of course the food was great and we certainly indulged.  One of my favorite things was this mozzarella and pepperoni on a stick which is dipped in garlic bread batter and deep fried.  Delish.

My other favorite food was eggplant fries served with a cool and creamy dipping sauce.

We enjoyed going through the different exhibit buildings.  I was surprised by the ethnic baking category because we saw 4 kransekakes!

The agriculture/horticulture building had all kinds of exhibits related to honey, bees, and bee keeping.  We watched a honey harvesting demonstration which was fascinating.  I love all things honey and beeswax and I've always thought how fun that would be to keep bees...except that I've never ever been stung by one and I'm terrified of them!

These are some of the honey entrants sorted by color.  The source of the nectar used to make the honey affects the color of the finished product.  Buckwheat produces a deep amber color and clover produces the lighter shades.  I learned something new that day.  They had all kinds of varieties of honey for sale as well as honey still in the comb and soaps, lotions and beeswax candles.  We will definitely be coming here next year!

And of course we had to go and visit the Creative Activities building to visit all the fabulous knitting!
I recognized quite a few patterns!

I thought this cabled cardigan was beautiful!

 This is one of Alice Starmore's patterns from the book Tudor Roses.  Stunning.
 Here is my purse in the beaded bag category.  I changed it from the knitting category on the advice of the entry clerk.  It won 3rd place and I won a one year membership to the Upper Midwest Bead Society.
 I used to exhibit rabbits as a 4-H kid and Dave used to own a house rabbit so of course we had to go to the rabbit building.  I always feel so sorry for them sweltering in their cages.  Luckily they didn't have to remain at the fair all 12 days.  This is a New Zealand breed which is what we raised as a family.

 Outside the livestock buildings were these Alpacas and More vendors!  They were there last year too and I bought more fabulous handspun and dyed yarn from them!

There is another large yarn stand inside the dairy building and I picked up 3 skeins of yarn from Blackberry Hills.  It is a lovely hand dyed yarn of smokey blues and navy.

We were looking forward to the St. Paul Police K-9 unit presentation and they did not disappoint.  I recommend anyone to watch them next year because it is such an interesting demonstration.

We rested near the K-FAN booth a few times and caught Monty's Traveling Reptile Show appearance.  He brought out a blue tongued skink, 2 snakes, a tortoise and for the finale...and alligator.  If you can believe it, he was a tame alligator.  Do you see how close he is to those children seated on the ground?  I was still nervous!

And where else but the State Fair can you see butter sculpture?  Here are the sculptures of the Princess Kay of the Milky Way contestants.  Each one weighs 90 lbs. and the contestant gets to take it home after the fair.  What is the street value of 90 lbs. of butter I wonder?