Monday, March 07, 2016

New Bag For An Old Bag

I went and saw a neurologist earlier in the week about my migraines and then enjoyed my crippling monthly headache.  I've got 5 days of my new daily preventative medication in me and after I scraped myself back together, I enjoyed an evening of sewing making this Amy Butler Rural Messenger Bag for my upcoming trip.  This fabric came from Modern Textiles in Fargo and I spent a careful Sunday evening last weekend cutting out and matching pieces.  I'd gotten a bamboo corner turner, the best chalk pencil I've ever used and the best fabric pen I've ever used at Modern Textiles and used those for the first time last night too.  I'm mentally working out a pouch/carrier with a vinyl window for my cell phone because I'm going to take it as my camera but I'm scared to death I'll drop it or lose it.  I'm not above looking like a dork so I'm thinking of something I can wear around my neck. 
We had beautiful weather Saturday and Sunday so the pond is threatening to melt and break up.  We took the dogs for walks both days and kept remarking that we'd not seen any Canada geese yet.  Last evening I saw the scout party.  This lone guy was surveying the ice and this morning I bet there are a half dozen of his cohorts out there.