Sunday, August 23, 2015


We had some thunder, lightening and rain last night but nothing too bad.  Today is glorious and cool, almost chilly.  I wore my long lounge pants around the house and actually closed all the windows and lit a candle.  It was a lovely day to bake so I made a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread and a loaf of French bread.  I picked everything out of the garden that was ready...including the first eggplant!  There were 4 tomatoes that needed to be used up so I dinked around in the kitchen all afternoon and made a fresh marinara sauce to go with the breaded and fried aubergine.  I used my new Greek seasonings and just swooned as I ate it.  Self control was exercised because I ate only half of it so I can have the rest for lunch tomorrow.  I'm going to poach some eggs in the leftover sauce and make toast from the French bread for Eggs In Purgatory.  Num NUM.  I've been so busy and anxious lately with the new job and it felt so good to just play in the kitchen for an afternoon.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dave was a good husband today and last weekend for driving me to the state fairgrounds and waiting in line with me.  Today we dropped of some kringlas I entered in the baking competition and last weekend I took in my knitting.
We were there 10 minutes after the place opened and this was our place in line.  You can see Dave standing there and the line goes halfway down the block and around the corner of the Creative Activities Building.
This is the view of the line behind us!  Can you believe that?  I only entered one thing and if we'd arrived any later and saw the line at it's fullest, I would have opted to just decline and not bother for one kringla entry.  At least the weather cooperated.  It was a lovely blustery sunny day so it was tolerable.  Last weekend it was so hot I had sweat rolling down my back and all I was doing was standing.  I baked the kringlas yesterday and was thinking to myself of all the people across the state who must be baking in preparation for today.
On the subject of food, look what came in the mail yesterday!!!  This is a spice blend made by a woman from Mason City.  I used to buy it from her at the farmer's market when I lived there.  I bought 2 big jars last summer when I was home visiting Melissa and Brenda.  So far I haven't been home this summer and was almost out so I called the lovely Dilo Johnson.  She mailed me two big jars worth of seasoning less the cost of the glass jars and labels.  I make foil-packet grilled veggies all summer with this seasoning.  Fried green tomatoes and eggplant aren't worth eating if they don't have this on them.
I keep forgetting to post these pictures and I've been busy starting a new job and haven't blogged in a while.  Here's the latest update on the mailbox yarn bomb at my local Cub store.  This was the spring/St. Patrick themed bomb.
The most recent bomb is a summer/4th of July motif.  I enjoy checking this every time I'm there.