Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold Snap

It has been a bit cold here in Minnesota of late.  Dave picked me up from work this morning and the bank sign said -11.  Our efficiency apartment has heated pipe radiator-type heating and we use 2 small space heaters to zone heat the living room and bedroom.  Our balcony door has been frozen for days and here is a skanky up close picture of the frosted/iced over door frame.  COLD.

We took a small break from our diet to enjoy some cold weather comfort food.  It had warmed up to -2 this afternoon (heat wave!) while we were out and about and we picked up two 28 oz. cans of whole canned tomatoes for roasted tomato soup.  I first saw this recipe years ago on America's Test Kitchen and took detailed notes to make it again.  It is the most velvety tomato soup you've ever tasted and I now add 1/4 tsp or so of red pepper flakes when cooking the onions to add a little more heat to the dish.  Nothing comforts you on a butt cold day like a piping hot bowl of soup.  We made Jarlsberg grilled cheese sandwiches to go with them.  The best thing about this soup is that you roast the tomatoes in a 450 degree oven so the kitchen and house is warmed up while you cook.  Bring it on Mother Nature.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Amy's Blankie

Dave drew Amy's name for our family Christmas gift exchange and I made this blanket for part of her gift.  10 more yards of fabric and a package of batting out of this apartment!  Yes!!!!  I am a little sad to see this one go though because it is such a beautiful batik.  This one was a bit of a challenge because normally I move all the living room furniture to the very edges of the room to have a space large enough to lay out blanket fabric.  We still have our Christmas tree up in the corner so space was a little tight!  I can't wait to go home to Iowa and my family this weekend for Christmas!